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Thank you :)

Thank you so much for all the wonderful responses!!!

The bracelets will be available on November 14th! :) 

I want to do something differently. Have you, by any chance, heard of Kiva? It is a really awesome micrifinancing non-profit organization, which loans money to individuals all around the world. So, you read the stories of people, and see how EXACTLY your money will help people.

We can set weekly polls, and decide, by tumblr-verse, the people who will get our loans :)  We can change the world, Tumblr!!!!

So, let’s do this. Let’s follow our HP passion and help people, simultaneously. 

P.S. I am still taking a service trip this December, but I realized last night, that I have enough saved to cover my personal trip 

Half the world - 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day.

Poverty crushes initiative, innovation, inspiration, and invention. Poverty weighs people down. It keeps people from using their potential. It cripples people with fear and feelings of helplessness.

Tumblr, how can we take action? How can we fix this? I have an idea to sell Harry Potter bracelets for $10 each and loan the money to people across the world through Kiva :)